Why You Should Stop Mansplaining

Before we tell you why you should stop mansplaining, you should get an idea of what mansplaining is. If you are a woman, you have probably been subject to one or another form of mansplaining at one point in your life. And if you are a man, just read very carefully.

stop mansplaining

Mansplaining is basically a man explaining something, typically a woman, in a patronizing and condescending tone. This includes everything from politics to small talk where a man talks over, interrupts and cuts off a woman talking. The man later proceeds to explain assuming whatever is being talked about, he knows more and he knows better.

stop mansplaining

But why was this word important to coin up? Well almost all parties in decision-making groups are men, and even if there are women within them, they hardly get a chance to contribute. Men get a word in conversations where the topic only concerns women and women do not get a chance to talk for themselves. Women are constantly patronized and thought to stay quite in conversations. And basically this is a completely misogynistic speech performance.

stop mansplaining

To get attention to what it is and why you should stop mansplaining, an informative video has been released by ATTN on their Facebook.

Mansplaining is something women of every class, age and race face when conversing with the opposite sex. But now women are beginning to pay attention and share their stories.

So as a man if you still do not get why you should stop mansplaining just get the fact that it’s completely obnoxious! It is not only extremely rude but you continuing to talk assuming you know so much better just makes you look like a disgusting misogynist person. Well, you just might be. It’s time to stop that. Men, just stop mansplaining already. We get it you are a man who thinks he knows everything but unless you get this, chances are no self respecting woman will stay in a conversation with you.

stop mansplaining



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