Whiteness Project comes out in a good purpose but…

Whiteness Project is a documentary film series in order to fight racism in black people. In this documentary there are so many white people who are talking about what if they born as a black people. Whitney Dow states that “I made this project for white people, not for people of color, if white people are going to participate in changing the racial dynamic, we need to deal with our own shit first.”

Whiteness Project is  Intersection of I

The goal of Whiteness project is to fight with discrimination however Whitney Dow may miss a point about humanity of white people. In Huff Post website there is a news, it is title “Why The This Project Terrifies Me”. In this article Newton told that “These recent gains in racial justice have translated into cultural change. Our vocal passion is found on social media and the blogosphere, thus creating a network of believers unafraid to denounce racist and prejudicial attitudes. Recently, we discredited that atrocious Alessandra Stanley piece that likened luminary Shonda Rhimes to an angry Black woman.” I agree with her.

Whiteness Project is  Intersection of I 1

Whiteness Project has some trouble, I think and there are so many minor issues that need to be thought again. A none racial example might be how some people talk about people within the queer community as “satanical”, while others talk about them as “fabulous”, and especially some are objectified as the gay best friend. But they’re just people. What happens is that when you objectify a group of people, and start to stereotype them; you start to judge them as a whole.

Whiteness Project is  Intersection of I 2

When you’re within that group though of course you don’t judge the group negatively as a whole based on an individual’s actions. Naturally I can only speak generally, because I am not a group of people, but an individual, with a unique combination of reasons experience and bias.

Whiteness Project is  Intersection of I 3



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