No-poo Trend Is Being More And More Popular

What happens when you stop shampoo your hair is a debated and mostly practiced issue.It is called No Poo trend.”

Bathing is an effective way of cleaning the body but what about your hair?Is it proper for being washed by chemicals?

The No Poo method also draw a lot of attention on social media.The users posted their hair photos after giving up using the shampoos.

no poo trend

One of the users who shared her hair photo with no shampoo for a time wrote,”Sooo today is my no shampoo-versary! I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner on my hair for exactly 1 year :D I made it!
(I use shikakai, white vinegar and coconut oil instead)”

Some experts tell shampoo using is a relatively new habit.They assert it has been around for less than a century, after all, and only in the last few decades has it become a daily essential.

Defenders of the no-poo  say shampoo strips the natural oils from hair and make it a little frail.Also,they claim water or baking soda can be used to clean the hair and scalp.

But there are still many people who arent convinced about their hair care will be okey without shampoo.

Kim Kardashian  revealed she only washes her hair once every five days,which is surprising.

no pootrend

Famous actresses Gwyneth Paltrow  and Jessica Simpson  are also advocates of the No-Poo movement.

no poo movement nopoo

The reasons why they refuse to use shampoo are varied.Some think the chemicals in shampoo are damaging their hair.Some prefer no-poo simply because they think it makes their hair look better.Also,there are some giving up to use shampoo so as to save time.

The website,Nopoomethod explains the details.

‘Hair contains natural oil called sebum in its follicles which is essential for keeping itself conditioned and healthy,’ it states.Frequent washing, combined with some of the harsh chemicals in shampoo, strips away those oils leaving your hair in bad shape.’

Some of the photos advocating of No-poo :


”For the first month or so after giving up shampoo, your hair is supposed to be super greasy as it readjusts to no shampoo,”Assya Barrette wrote. “Then, it bounces back and looks better than ever before.”

nopoo trend

Lauren O’Neal also shared the process through which she has left shampoo aside.She also claims shampoo using made her hair darker by illusrating her blonde hair without shampoo.But the other liquids like soda may have been effective in lightening her hair.



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