What About Being A Single Mother?

Maybe,you were divorced maybe you never married.Or for another alternative you preferred to be a single mother.All are possible.But none are obstacles for having a child.There are so many mothers who choose to be single.


Raising a child is difficult even when you are with a partner to help you,think about being lonely in this way.Single mothers who share their experiences on social media have some advices .They think single mothers have to take care of themselves in the first place.

”I had to pay attention to make sure I was even eating enough,” says Rachel Sarah, author of the book and blog Single Mom Seeking. “I also learned the importance of getting enough sleep, which meant forgoing a lot of chores. My place was a mess, but I just had to let that go.”


Secondly,socializing is a good way rather than communicating with only other single mothers.This would give a sense of belonging according to them.”Having a diverse social circle is very important,” says Alexandra Soiseth, author of Choosing You: Deciding to Have a Baby On My Own.”I used to be a lot shier,” says Sarah. “At first, I was ashamed to even tell people that I was a single mom. But I had to get out of that rut. I had to become more social out of pure necessity.”

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And single mothers advise to trade with other families in childcare.Because one of the biggest difficulties of being a single parent is that they have no time to spend for themselves alone.”Cultivate a babysitting network,” says Soiseth.And she adds “My friend would watch my baby while I did errands, and I’d watch her baby while she and her husband had a date,” .It is highly beneficial for providing a break.

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And there are some who considers being a single mother as amazing.M.Esther Sharman is one of them.She asserts that the gains are that there are only one set of rules and priorities are simplified.

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There are both pros and cons of being a single mother but it is not impossible as we saw from the countless examples.



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