Watch How People React To Being Called Beautiful

Nearly every day,countless tests are being made to reveal some ratios basing on the values we have.They sometimes are clear indicator of how we perceive the world and more importantly,ourselves.One of them was conducted by Shea Glover, an 18 year old high school student from Chicago, Illinois.It was made nearly 6 months ago but it has just gained popularity somehow.Shea Glover just wanted to see how people react to being called beautiful.

how to react to being called beautiful

She said people whose photos she took,”she was taking pictures of things she found beautiful”.Glover highlights in her video summary that her purpose wasn’t to get a reaction out of people. Instead, she was “simply filming beauty and this is the result.”

being called as beautiful2

In fact,these scaptures simply  indicate the importance of body positivity on human mood.

being called as beautiful1

The reactions are so similar .People in the pictures disbelievingly did what Shea wanted.Or they did not hide their real opinion as one of them said  ”I’ll cut you in the face.Clearly, you’re being goofy.”It is not difficult to understand she does not believe one can say what a beautiful girl she is to her.

being called as beautiful

Also.most of the photos have the signs of appreciation for hearing this.Their heartwarming smiles also point out that.being called as beautiful3 being called beautiful. being called as beautiful4

Here is the video which includes the whole of the study conducted by Shea Glover,only 18 years old.

Shea Glover says,”Unfortunately ‘beauty’ as in physical appearance is valued so highly in our society, yet talking about our own beauty is taboo. A lot of people don’t like to think of themselves as beautiful beings, especially adolescents, so it made them visibly vulnerable.”

And Shea was praised by many on social media.Glover told,”It’s been fucking crazy man,”

“I had no idea it was going to blow up like this. I would say about 90 [percent] of the responses are positive.”

In my opinion,the significance of this study comes from it reveals how important what we feel about ourselves .It directly affects our behaviour,acts,mood ands relationships.And being called beautiful is only one of them.



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