Very Useful Tattoo Designs

Crazy tattoo designs have been around for a while with each person’s tattoo getting weirder than ever. But no tattoo designs have been as weird as these useful tattoo designs where people used their ink art for very strange reasons…

Remember pi

If you ever found yourself forgetting the pi number and being so anxious to remember it you can get this tattoo. We do not know what made this person want to get this but we do know that this tattoo was supposed to be longer. Like, infinity!

Useful Tattoo

The best cheat-sheet

When you really want to remember an equation but its just too damn long you should just go and get it tattooed on your back. Makes sense, right?

Useful Tattoo

Subways are confusing

We know it all those subway lines can get a bit confusing. So to make sure she never got on the wrong ride this girl got it tattooed on her stomach.

Useful Tattoo

To do list

They get lost, they’re just pieces of paper in the end. But if you get a blank page tattooed on your arm they are bound to be remembered. As long as it doesn’t rain, this is a very useful tattoo.

Useful Tattoo

Health warning

If you have a medical condition that needs immediate attention if things get messy, you can just get it tattooed. Seriously, this is a very useful tattoo.

Useful Tattoo

Play time

If you ever need to entertain people for long periods of time you should definitely get this. As long as you don’t mind how weird it looks without the dots connected.

Useful Tattoo

Nerdy Glasses

If you want to keep up with the hipster nerdy glasses trend and you really don’t need glasses, this guy has the solution for you.

Useful Tattoo

Talk to the other ear

A smart and funny way to let people know this ear isn’t the one to talk to.

Useful Tattoo

Where I’ve been

Nothing could be cooler than to have your bucket list tattooed on your back.

Useful Tattoo

Eye exam

In case you need to give people eye exams daily, everywhere, anytime.

Useful Tattoo

How long?

No, it’s not to show people how long your arm is. You can get the size of anything with this ruler-arm.

Useful Tattoo



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