Vegan Victoria’s Secret Model : Bridget Malcolm

All over the world vegan is known as a type of vegetarian diet. Besides being healthy vegan, vegan has philosophy that against the all kind of animal exploitation. Visibility is very important for the vegan way of life to spread thus Bridget Malcolm plays important role in visibility issues. I hope that the number of famous vegan people will increase day by day.

Bridget Malcolm

I want to give some information about Bridget Malcolm. She is 23 years old and is one of the Australian models in Victoria’s Secret. Bridget Malcolm works for so many brands like Burberry, H&M, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. In addition she works hard to be ready for Victoria’s Secret shows.

Bridget Malcolm Vegan

Bridget Malcolm mentioned that ‘It blows my mind that people can be so blind to the impact that their dietary and lifestyle choices are having on the environment, and on their own bodies. At the rate of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, I don’t understand how people can be OK – and even proud – of their bad eating habits when they are killing themselves slowly.

Bridget Malcolm Vegan Diet

Bridget Malcolm told that ‘Not to mention how animal agriculture is the biggest destroyer of our natural world. People are so stuck in their safe habits that they aren’t interested in the world our kids are going to be living in. I highly respect people in the fashion world like Stella McCartney who makes a point of making garments with cruelty-free products. I would love one day to follow in her footsteps.’

Bridget Malcolm Vegan

Bridget Malcolm intends to eat yummy vegan chocolate after the Victoria’s Secret catwalk. She said that ‘I intend to eat it enroute to the after party.’ and ‘This has made me much more mindful in every day living – which is a fast track to happiness and life satisfaction.’

Meat is murder! Go vegan!



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