Toxic Relationship Gives Some Signals

Toxic relationship is an annoying issue for all of us.But it should not be neglected also.There are many reasons for being a relationship with others.Nevertheless,when it comes to the love affairs ,the road is a little challenging.

toxic relationships

Yours may be one of the biggest loves among what you has come across.But it does not pose an obstacle to confess that did not go well.Well,how do you know whether you are in a toxic relationship or not?There are some clues.

Firstly,he is rude and acts hostilely.It means you do not feel yourself safe with him/her.


Secondly,he/she tries to hurt your self-esteem through altering your personality.It would lead you to doubt your power in short run.In the long run,it would be totally devastating for what you targeted in the life.Because this makes people feel that they are not good enough to achieve something.

toxic relationshipjpeg.

Another signal is constant discussions wipe out the good memories in time.You start to bear the bad moments in your mind as you are in a toxic relationship.

What is more,you find yourself sad even you are not with her/him and often,you cannot find the reason .

toxicrelationships11Sometimes,it is so hard to face the truth he/she is not the one who you need,want or love.

One of the people who went through such a experience says:“After fighting so hard with my parents, who rightly pointed out from the start that he was trouble, I couldn’t admit to myself that I was wrong about him all along.”


One more signal showing you are in a toxic relationship is you think what you are going through is normal.A man tell about it:”Watching romantic films convinced me that love is never easy. I thought you could never be in love with someone unless it is an all-consuming, self-destructive fire of passion. So when my significant other acted selfishly and coldly towards me, I took it in stride as one of the many challenges one has to face in love,” Maybe,it is dictated to us via films and series in this way.

But as Billy Wilder says.“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.”Don’t forget you deserve better . It may be the time to put an end in your toxic relationship.



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