These Nuns grow Marijuana at Their Home!

The talk of the town in California is that legalizing growing marijuana has done as medical purpose. Sister Kate and sister Darcy who are nuns grow and sell marijuana because of medical treatment.

The two nuns grow medical marijuana

The counter intuitive; this time, marijuana sellers are very honest people. The goal of medical treatment is very valuable values in the world because so many disaster affecting is decreased by marijuana. Thus it is used not only getting high but also medical treatment.

The two nuns grow marijuana

Sister Kate explained that “Everything we’re doing is illegal. Those plants you just saw in my garage; they’re illegal. The making of the salves is illegal.” And she added “I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m not confident… I guess I’m confident from the standpoint of right will win at the end. But, I don’t know how long that’s going to take.”

The two nuns grow marijuana as illegal but good purpose

Sister Kate talked about the banning like that “The ban is clearly against the wishes of the citizenry. So that makes it immoral and unjust. Two hundred people or more turned out or more to make sure the city council didn’t enact a ban, but they did anyway, under the guise of ‘not understanding how to regulate. The mayor indicated they have a ‘yearning for learning’, but it is a new yearning, because the medical marijuana legalization has been in place for nineteen years, and just now, they decided to study the issue.”

The two nuns who are sister Kate and Sister Darcy grow marijuana

I agree with these sister about the medical treatment properties of marijuana however the segregating of medical treatment issues and getting high issue is very difficult and government should think all public. Actually there is a thin line where purpose is good choice or bad choice. If the restriction about the growth medical marijuana is reduced, they will increase their number of customers and they may be a trademark.

The two nuns grow marijuana as medical treatment

The two nuns grow marijuana in their home



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