10 Photos Showing Us What The End Of The World Might Look Like

An iceberg glides silently past alarmed beachgoers on a sunny day. A massive swarm of birds rains down on an intersection in Milton, Pennsylvania. From a cable car in the Alps, you can see that the snow has all melted. Is this the latest terrifying news in the steady march of climate change? Is it a trailer for the latest summer disaster movie?


No. It’s the digital photo manipulations of Russian designer and digital artist Evgeny Kazantsev. Kazantsev’s series, Cataclysm Happens, was made for Gefest Insurance Company through the Burjui Design Bureau and Bang! Bang! design agencies. In the series, the artist creates depictions of large-scale natural disasters that show us what at first appear to be worst-case scenarios, but are actually completely possible situations.





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