The Movie You Will Never See by John Malkovich

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The Movie You Will Never See by John Malkovich

John Malkovich placed a movie he made in a time capsule that will not open until November 18th of 2115. Probably no person alive today will get to see the movie. Even the people who have been working on it did not see the final version of the film.


The teasers of the movie have been going around for a while but the fact that it will be released a century later was recent news. The teasers were imaginations of what the future would look like in a hundred years when the time capsule would open. All that we know up to now is Malkovich is the hero, Shuya Chang is the heroine and Marko Zaror is the villain. Malkovich also said the budged of the film was in “the seven figures” which shows there is a huge production behind it.

Malkovich said the film was not a comedy nor a drama but was somewhere between the two. He said the movie was honest and emotionally charged and that he was very proud of it even though he will never get to see it.


The idea of making a movie you will have to wait for a 100 years to see was actually an advertisement campaign for French cognac maker Louis XIII. The cognac they masterfully blend, takes 100 years to craft. The people, who make the cognac, never get to see the end result. So the cognac they make in 2015 will be ready in 2115, like the movie. They included a bottle of their cognac within the time capsule with the movie, so it will also be ready when it is time to watch the movie. Until then the time capsule will travel the world for a while and then be placed within the House of Louis XIII to wait.

The cognac company Louis XIII will also give out 1,000 silver-plated movie tickets which the owners can pass on to their descendents to see the film.



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