Erotic Shop Will Be Opened in Saudi Arabia

Erotic shop in Saudi Arabia whose owner  will be Abdelaziz Aouragh,gawe a way for opening halal erotic shops in Saudi Arabia.He is the owner of erotic brand El Asira and a Moroccan-Dutch businessman.

All you know,Saudi Arabia has a strict conservatism.They are in favour of extremist Wahhabi Islam.It dictates women to wear burqa and not to drive car.

saudi arabia halal erotic shop

And therefore,no one attempted to open an erotic shop in such a country until now.

halal erotic shop

He says he was in the pursuit of revolutionizing the relation of Saudi Arabians with sex.

”Our products do include items that increase feelings of sensuality and improve the atmosphere between the couple in the sexual relationship between them. ”But it is highly strange to choose one of the holiest cities of Saudi Arabia,Mecca.

Saudi clerics were also consulted before opening this shop.They ensured the toys in the shop were adhered to Sharia customs.No vibrators are sold at the store, as those aren’t approved by Islam,for instance.Because masturbation is forbidden by Islam.There will be 18 range of halal toys.

You can watch the advertisement video of the shop:

This erotic shop has also another importance.It will challenge the common disbelief that Muslim women are not active sexually.It is true they are repressed in this way.But Abdeleziz Aouragh wants to change these  stereotypings. “The image of women in the kitchen with burqa is not a true picture.We should also highlight love.” he said. “There is a lot of love and respect Islam has for adult women. Our store puts women at the center, offers information, and provides answers to frequently asked questions on sex.”

halal sex shop saudi arabia

What the shop offers is a wide range of “pleasure-enhancing” products. These include especially massage oils, scented candles and creams.

For now,it did not lead to severe reactions from the Saudi Arabians.Becuase it was approved by scholars.Moreover, Muslims believed even Prophet Mohammed supported the healthy sexual life between the husband and his wife.



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