The Boob Project For Breast Cancer Funds

The Boob Project is a big-fundraising project initiated by Mike Nelson who is a morning-show DJ.The story of the project is very touchy in fact.Mike Nelson’s wife,Christi was diagnosed with breast cancer very long ago.But she had overcome with it.Less than six months after being declared breast-cancer-free, the cancer was back.

”It was a punch in the gut,” Mike said.

The situation was totally destroying.Then,Mike and Christi decided to share the news with their children,Eddie and Archer.the boob projectboob project

Archer thought he had to do something for his mother and maybe it was the time he decided to write a song.Mike says,”I remember Archer got real quiet.”The positive approaches of Archer became very influential on his parents’ attitudes also.They were not pessimistic any more.Mike adds,”You don’t want to see that look of worry in your kid’s eye. No kid should have to worry about things like that.”


“I made up a song for Mom,” Archer said.The song includes some advices from a point of child view like ”Never foregt the good things in life/Like candy,life,eating,having fun.”His father,Mike was touched when he listened and mentioned about it in San Francisco radio station where he works.And other people in the project was at the stage from then on.”The idea was to make it like a ‘We Are the World’ for breast cancer,” Mike says.


”The Grateful Dead heard about it and said, ‘We want to be a part of it.’ … They could be doing a million things with their time, and they took the time to do this. I was speechless.”

“It’s so exciting to see it grow from innocent, tender beginnings,” Mike says of the song.”It’s just a kid trying to make sense of something that even most adults find pretty hard to comprehend,” he adds.After the song was edited,it was launched for sale.It started to collect donations.The Boob Project was succesfully carried out.Donations are used for the benefit of Breast Cancer Researches.


Both Christi and Mike Nelson say they cry every time they hear the song.”It’s made me hyper-aware of the relationship I have with my kid, and that I don’t want to let him go,” Christi says. “There are feelings of mortality, like I have to cherish this moment. I just love him so much.”

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