Thanksgiving day is more tolerable thanks to Adele ’s ‘Hello’ in SNL

Adele British singer has amazing performance with ‘Hello’ and a few years ago Adele was guest in Saturday Night Live with ‘Someone like you’. Last Saturday, the sketch was about a thanksgiving dinner. If you don’t know, thanksgiving day is an annual holiday marked by religious observations and a traditional meal. In addition this is usually a dull day. Because you have to have a dinner with all other members of the family and the life views come into conflict with your idea like gender issues vs.

Adele on SNL

Saturday Night Live made a sketch about the thanksgiving dinner and they put in Adele ‘ s song ‘Hello’. This song provides family member some comfortable area to escape all kind of boring conversations. The first entrance of song is observed in first minute of video.

Adele on SNL

Song of Adele ‘Hello’ starts to play suddenly middle of the discussion. I am sure that when you watch the video, you will laugh loudly. Because there are a lot of beautiful jokes about the original video of Hello.

Adele Thanksgiving Miracle

For example, in the argument about the trans genders issues, when the voices rises, the child goes next to the cassette player and she pushes start button then Hello plays.

I think this is very funny sketch, and the sketch is not only for fun but also for criticizing concept of thanksgiving day. All of the discussion finishes with the song ‘Hello’ in the sketch and at the end of the video, the child said that ‘Thanks Adele.’

Adele Thanksgiving Miracle

Adele succeed in all of the work and she should continue to singing songs because every song of Adele reaches the peak. When she songs a sing, everyone speaks it with her new song.

Here is the SNL’ video about the thanksgiving dinner with the ‘Hello’ :



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