Taylor Swift and Ruby Rose were in the same new year video!

Ruby Rose and Taylor Swift came across in the same happy new year video accidentally. When Ruby Rose was shooting video, Taylor Swift has showed up suddenly. The interesting thing is this, Intentional of Taylor Swift is argumentative I think because the first video may be occurred erroneously however the second video is voluntariness clearly.

Ruby Rose and Taylor Swift

Here is the first and second video respectively.

And Ruby Rose has published these videos on her official Twitter account these comment. For first video Ruby Rose said that “ Was (so sad emoji ) to say bye to 2015 because it ROCKED MY SOCKS.. But if this is an indication of 2016.. ‪@IlseyJ ‪@taylorswift13” and she explained the second video that “ When ‪@taylorswift13 looks perfect in a feather tiara and I just.. So much no.. But happy 2016!!!! ”

Taylor Swift and Ruby Rose are amazing

Ruby Rose claimed that “People get so surprised when I say this and I don’t know why, but I have such a girl crush on Taylor Swift. I’m obsessed. I just want to be friends with her, like best friends forever. At photo shoots they always ask what music I want and they think I’m going to say Aerosmith or Metallica, but I’m always like, ‘Can I get a little bit of Tay Tay? 1989, please.”
Ruby Rose was DJ for new year 2016

With these videos, the whole magazines have started to talk about them. I think this kind of news are exaggerating so much. Okey, I can understand that but famous people are so bored about that and their life has so many boundaries. People have forgotten the meaning of the boundary word, maybe in the future they can remember this kind of word.

When Ruby Rose is DJ, her musics were very well

It is not the first time that Ruby Rose and Taylor Swift are together in the same square. There was a photo like that ;

Ruby Rose and Taylor Swift with their Friends



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