Stage 4 Colon Cancer Treatments

Stage 4 colon cancer is the end stage of this cancer type. Before giving the information about the treatment of this stage, I want to release some general knowledge with colon cancer. It is also known as colorectal cancer; indeed, colon and rectal are parts of intestine’s inner surface. When the tumours hold onto the inner surface of the intestine, cancer takes place. The rate of incidence is same for both man and woman, also this cancer is observed at old age 50.

Stage 4 colon cancer treatment ways

In stage 4 colon cancer, cancer spread out to other tissues or organs. If a patient is at this stage, the surgery is not preferred as a treatment. If and only if cancer spread at a very little area, this surgery can be done, if not chemo is chosen as treatment approaches.

Stage 4 colon cancer treatment ways 3

The last point that can have occurred is stage 4 colon cancer. In this situations, doctors said, patients, that you have maximum 2-3 years to live. However, there are some patients who live 10 years after diagnoses.

Stage 4 colon cancer treatment ways 4

As I said before, in stage 4 colon cancer the surgery and chemotherapy are used as treatment approaches. In addition to these, there are other chemotherapy kinds like using the zaltrap drug in chemo, using Erbitux, Avastin or Vectibix in chemo, giving radiation.

Stage 4 colon cancer treatment ways 5

Stage 4 colon cancer is divided into two different definitions. One of them is stage 4A which occurs when cancer spread only one organ. The other is stage 4B. In this type, the cancers have spread so many tissues and organs. At this level surgery cannot be recommended anyway. Thanks to science, some improvements came for treatment of stage 4 colon cancer, especially in chemotherapy part. For example, radioactive pharmaceuticals are used in chemotherapy. Due to these radioactive drugs, some blood can be achieved for cancer cells.

Stage 4 colon cancer treatment ways 2



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