Sex Positions That Can be Numbered Like 69

Here are the 9 sex positions that can be numbered like 69.

1. 21


Yeah that is really clever. People who is under 21 should not try this position. It is illegal.



  • John Mood

    Why should we read past the first one? You statement “People who is under 21” is the of the worst English I’ve seen in quite a while. People who ARE, not is.

    And the position is NOT illegal if both persons consent to it, Bad English, and IGNORANCE. What a combination!

  • John Mood

    Are you even an adult?

  • TedCru4ever

    I know this one isn’t all that common, and it can be a back breaker for some guys, but I love to stand and 69ing. This amazing pose i’ve decided to try after watching camsloveaholics_com

  • arkra2016

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