Serena Williams is sportsperson of the year.

Serena Williams is a tennis superstar as you all know and she has been the subject of many news in this year 2015. Another beautiful new comes out, in Sports Illustrated Serena Williams is cover photos of this magazine that is announcement by sportsperson of the year.

Serena Williams is Cover of the Sports Illustrated

‘This year was spectacular. For Sports Illustrated to recognize my hard work, dedication and sheer determination with this award gives me hope to continue on and do better. As I always say, it takes a village— not just one person. This is not just an accomplishment for me, but for my whole team and all my fans. I am beyond honored.’ states Serena Williams from her official Instagram account.

Serena Williams photos in the sports illustrated

Serena Williams was borned on September 26, 1989 and she is an American professional tennis player. In addition, her playing style is so amazing and interesting and also Maria Sharapova mentioned about her playing style that ‘She’s a competitor. She doesn’t like to give free points and free games. No matter the score she wants to win those games and those points,whether she’s down a break point or up a break point or whatever it is.’

Serena Williams is playing tennis with her muscles

In 2015, Serena Williams was one of the women model in Pirelli Calendar. This was a wonderful success for Serena Williams because in Pirelli Calendar 2016, there are amazing women. And she told that “I’ve been a little more vocal,” Williams said, “but I want to do more. I want to help everyone to see the so-called light. But there are a lot of other athletes, actors, politicians who are speaking out—of all colors, by the way. They’re not sitting back. They’re calling for justice straight away. It makes me look at myself and say, like,What am I doing? I have a platform. I can speak out, too. If one person hears me, maybe that person can speak out and help. I embrace that. I’m willing and happy to be part of this new movement.”

Serena Williams happiness



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