Samira Willey and Laurene Morelli Couple of the Hollywood

Samira Willey and Lauren Morelli  who met and married in the set of TV series Orange is the New Black live together continuously. Samira Willey and Lauren Morelli has attended the premiere of Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ held at ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles, California last week. And also they seem very happy. Alright well, although everthing is Ok, is that really OK?

Samira Willey and her wife Lauren Morelli

Before responding to this question, I’m in need of giving some information about their lives. Their marriage was made in such a beautiful place that they were all very enjoyable. Both were dressed in white, but Samira Willey was wearing a white suit at this wedding on the party wearing Lauren Morelli.

Samira Willey and her wife Lauren Morelli wedding ceremony

The same feeling was actually in the music they stole. After the official wedding, they listened to the song “This Is How We Do It”, a classic music from their 90’s. The Confetti loving couple blew up confetti at the beginning of their wedding and laughed at each other laughingly.

Samira Willey and her wife Lauren Morelli

In an interview they gave a few moments after their marriage, Samira Willey stated that both of them believed that LGBT visibility had a positive impact on the lives of others. Together they do not have any radical side of the life they live in, but in such a world, both people love each other and get married becomes a big, radical decision, not only because they are LGBTs.

Samira Willey and her wife Lauren Morelli wedding ceremony

Shortly after leaving Morelli’s spouse in 2014, Willey and Orange are starting their love life on The New Black set. In addition, Morelli said that he helped Samira Willey discover his identity within himself. There are thank-you messages and mailing lists from many people in the world. They both thank for the name of solidarity in the name of such a visibility.

Samira Willey and her wife Lauren Morelli homelife

Morelli also expressed the following. I get mailers from people in different countries. Do not just think of it as Europe, as well as people from Asia or Africa. Because they do not have people to talk about, they tell me that we send some secret messages and make some hope inside, which is a very precious feeling for both of us.

Samira Willey and her wife Lauren Morelli wedding ceremony with wonderfull dress

Fortunately, he always felt his family support on his shoulders and Morelli gave it to him in whatever way he could for his own life. So I live without seeing any pressure. It is very difficult for LGBTs to sample it, to find similarities.

Samira Willey and her wife Lauren Morelli on the beach



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