Same-Sex Partners Can Be Parents Biologically

Same-sex partners  who want to start families has increased in number recently. They have no a lot of options to have a kid.Therefore,they either prefer to adopt or apply to a sperm bank .But the number of same-sex partners who wanted to have their own children has increased considerably in the last times.Certainly,it is their right to have a baby.But some procedures are required to be carried out for this.

same sex partners may be parents

Scientists has recently mentioned about a  new process called in vitro gametogenesis, or IVG.Through it,they can use stem cells to create egg and sperm which are required for an offspring.Professor Sonia M.Suter says:”By allowing each member of the couple to contribute genetic material, IVG would allow these couples to reproduce in a manner similar to fertile straight couples.In terms of equality, therefore, IVG offers significant advantages over other [assisted reproductive technologies].”

same sex partners may be parents also

The IVG is useful not only for same-sex couples but it would also serve for the heterosexual couples suffering from infertility.Likewise,the women having entered the period of menopause but still wishing a baby also can make use of it.


the parents who have same sex
same sex couples having a child

This method was experimented on the mice a decade ago and scientists thought there was no reason to implement this on human also.When it comes to how it works on humans,”For lesbian couples, one or the other would be able to have the embryo implanted in her uterus so she could carry the pregnancy to term, avoiding entirely the need to rely on individuals outside the relationship to assist in their reproduction,” Suter wrote.

In the case of a two male-bodied people,they would need a surrogate to carry the baby with Suter’s words,”unless artificial wombs become a viable option.”

It certainly a useful method .Thanks to it,same-sex partners would be able to have their own children.But it is supposed to tested for a while .Because even it works on human,the babies would have some difficulties in the following years.Scientists have to be make sure of that.same sex couples having children



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