Salma Hayek was so ambitious to show her cleavage last Saturday.

Salma Hayek went to London Theatre for Evening Standard Theatre Awards ceremony last Saturday and her cleavage and her dress were gorgeous as usual.

Salma attracted attention on red carpet last night.

Salma Hayek on red carpet

I know, you cannot believe that she is nearly 50 and Salma Hayek is an activist about woman rights and a fashion icon.  She said that ‘ You have to learn how to dress. It is sciene.’ She is married with François-Henri Pinault.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek said that ‘ In the past, when I tried to imagine what I’d look like and what my life would be like at this age, I was terrified. I imagined myself looking old, but instead I think I still look OK, and I’m fine with my appearance.’ and ‘For too many generations, women have suffered from this terrible lie that age 50 is like falling off a cliff.’

Salma Hayek in Frida

Salma told that ‘ Women have believed for so long we’d act and feel as if we were finished, and we surrendered to that myth.Fortunately, we’ve stopped believing that. Fifty is a great age where we can be very productive and happy and not feel limited by anything.I’ve realised I can still be beautiful and attractive as I approach 50. I feel very good about my life.’



She gives some advice ‘I never exercised my whole life. Now I do yoga. as I like my food. And frankly, I like my wine.’ We all agree with you Salma, you like wine. In addition she said that ‘I was never a fashionista. I was surrounded by fashionistas who made fun of me as I didn’t care. When I started going out with Francois they said, ‘How did you of all people land this guy? You don’t care about fashion.’

And Salma Hayek claimed that ‘I work behind the scenes and there’s a lot of work you don’t see. I love it, but sometimes you want to help and make a difference but there are so many things that have to align to make even one small change…’



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