Saint Martin Canal of Paris Was Cleaned Up After 15 Years

Saint Martin canal in Paris is a place mostly-visited by Parisians and tourists.

The canal was builted in 1825 by the order of Napoleon Bonaparte with the aim to reinforce the city’s supply of drinking water.

But it had not been cleaned for 15 years.And to clean it for the first time,it was drained in the previous days.


The project started on 4,January and it will be completed in three weeks.It will be a long-lasting project beacuse it is not considered easy to collect all the rubbish in it.

saint martin canal.jpg in paris

Before starting to drainage process,workers had to dig out all the fishes.Then,they weighed them and accordingly relocated to their new place.

saint martincanalcleaning

saint martin canal project

Now,guess what they found at the bottom of it.

Let’s see together.

saint martin canal.jpg drainage

It seems like a scooter in mud but we don’t know its whole story.

And an abandoned chair,cassette-player and a camera.

saint martin canal..jpg... pariscanal cleaning saint martin canal saintmartincanal in paris

Saint Martin canal’s cleaning project costed nearly €9.5m.Officials say ”An important part of these works concerns the locks, but it also an opportunity to clean the canal of objects that Parisians and tourists throw into the waters of Paris.”

A motorbike was also found at he bottom of Saint Martin canal.


A lot of bicycles are  also among the debris of the canal.

saint martincanalinparis

When it was drained,Saint Martin canal was turned into a puddle.Nevertheless,it must be done as it looks disgusting with the floating rubbish on its surface.

The last cleaning was made in 2001 .It was 3 miles of water was emptied and more than 40 tons of rubbish were collected .They included again bicycles, motorbikes, gold coins, wheelchairs, a toilet bowl, two First World War shells and even a car.It is It is unbelievable.

All we should take the enough care to protect the environment.It doesnt matter where it is.It may be a touristic place or our own motherland.Then,it would not be necessary to carry out such troublesome cleaning projects.



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