Ruby Rose breakup with fiancee Phoebe Dahl

Ruby Rose Breakup Pheobe Dahl 3

Ruby Rose breakup with fiancee Pheobe Dahl came as a huge shock to all the fans. Ruby Rose shined with her part in Orange is the New Black and became one of the biggest names out there in 2015. She was recently awarded the most googled TV actress of 2015. The breakup with fiancee Pheobe Dahl might be the inevitable ending in such a busy schedule. Dahl wasn’t that available either, she is a designer and the CEO of Fairclot&Supply.

Ruby Rose Breakup Pheobe Dahl

The couple have been together for two years and announced their engagement in March 2014. The were one of the biggest celesbian couples in the world and looked so happy together that they were pretty much the relationship goal for many people.

Ruby Rose Breakup Pheobe Dahl 1

A close friend said the breakup happened because the couple had to spend so much time apart for work and the distance eventually got to them. However even after the breakup they still keep in touch and share kind words with each other via Twitter.

Ruby Rose Breakup Pheobe Dahl 4

Ruby Rose wrote to her ex-fiancee on Twitter saying “(She) remains very dear to my heart. I will forever treasure our time together. I’m a better person because of all we shared.” It is evident that for Ruby Rose breakup did not change how she feels about Dahl. In an interview last summer Rose said about Dahl “She’s everything that I would want in somebody. She’s talented, she’s funny, and she also has this charitable, giving side.”

Ruby Rose Breakup Pheobe Dahl 2

But Ruby Rose is not the only one with love in her heart after the breakup. Pheobe Dahl shared on her twitter account “@RubyRose you have brought me to my best and I will always love you. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us.”

Ruby Rose Breakup Pheobe Dahl 5

The two are still in touch because of the shared custody of their pets, and the breakup might have been for the best for the two, but the fans still need time to get over it.




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