Photographer Challenges ‘American Beauty’ Standards With 14 Women Of All Shapes

Carey Fruth is a photographer that is based out of San Francisco and has taken it upon herself to show the world that beauty exists outside of how we see women as objects. Using provocative photos that are inspired from a scene from American Beauty, Fruth compiles a photo diary that shows how women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and that beauty is more about your expression and attitude than your size. Though many have worked hard to bring this kind of natural beauty to the forefront, Fruth is one of the first ones that has made a compelling case. This is because she has worked hard to combine media with real life women, and she pulls the connection of the movie into it as well, helping understand that each of these unique models is a fantasy for someone out there in the world, that every woman in the world is desirable. With creations like these, we can hope that generations to come will be more accepting of plus size women and we can start to have a kinder younger generation that will be a safe spot for every woman out there to express herself.




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