Patrick Schmidt And His Interesting Journey

Everything in Patrick Schmidt’s life began with quitting his school. Nearly all of us have dreamt of leaving our boring school life and travelling as a caravaner. But Patrick Schmidt was not content himself with this dream.He made it come true.

patrick schmidt converted a bus into motorhome

At the beginning of the story, he saw an old school-bus .It was for sale, for 4,500 USD and he decided to buy it.Patrick Schmidt was not alone in this work.His father helped him to convert this bus into a dream-home.They spent 3 months in addition to 9,000 USD.

patrick schmidt and his dream home

patrick schmidt bought a school bus and converted it a homeOn his Skoolielove blog, Patrick Schmidt wrote: ‘It’s the lifestyle that I want to live. I want to live fully on a bus, and make that my life.
‘I have moved over 20 times since I was born, and I feel like in the bus, I came home.’

Patrick Schmidt set off from Las vegas in August and his goal is to make a 10,000 miles journey to Florida.

He wrote, ‘When I left my parents house in Vegas on August 15, I had no idea where I would be spending the night.’

“My plans are to stay in Florida until March, then most likely find my way back slowly to Vegas, and up to Seattle to live again for a while,” Schmidt told Metro UK. “Find some land to park on. That’s kind of the life I’ve imagined for myself. Ride around, travel, find temporary work, and see where to go from there.”Patrick Schmidt says.

Its cost was still worth as the result was magnificent.These are some photos of the motorhome converted from a school bus from 1990s.It has every requirement in it such as kitchen, bathroom,water cooler and heater in addition to an air conditioner.

Patrick Schmidt converted a bus into motorhome.Patrick Schmidt converted a bus into motorhome.

And these are some photos of his dreamhome kitchen and bathroom .They have nothing less than those of an ordinary bus dream home of patrick schmidt

patrick schmidt's dream home

‘I would like to continue to grow Skoolielove, and promote Tiny Living. Continue to drive the Highways of America, meet people and continue searching for new experiences.
‘Most likely make my way back to Vegas, see my parents, and get back up to Seattle to start a Bed and Breakfast.
‘I plan on living out of the bus for years to come.’Patrick Schmidt says.



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