It’s Not Your Fault: What Women Were Wearing

Every time there is talk about sexual assault or rape on a woman, everyone seems to ask the same question still; what was she wearing? Well, its never about what she was wearing, or said, or did. This misogynistic point of view is the reason women feel blamed for what happens to them. Teen Vouge and RAINN teamed up to give way to the project photographing what women wore when they were raped. This is part of a larger project of Teen Vouge called “Not Your Fault“. Take a look at the photographs to see if it changes your point of view.

Not Your Fault 11

“I was wearing pajamas: pink pants and top.” Not Your Fault 10

“I was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt.”
Not Your Fault 9

“I was wearing a maroon sweatshirt, fitted jeans with the flare on the bottom, and a white tank top under my sweatshirt.” Not Your Fault 6

“I was wearing what I wore to my first day at my internship: khaki pants, white button down, navy blazer, [and] ballet flats.” Not Your Fault 5

“I was wearing a nude bra, white cami, and navy blue shorts.” Not Your Fault 4

“I was wearing a black and blue dress for going out and earrings.” Not Your Fault 2

“I was wearing plain gray sweatpants, and an oversized hoodie, my hair was in a messy bun on top of my head, and I had no makeup on.” Not Your Fault 1

“I was wearing my school uniform: pleated skirt, white polo, high knee socks, and black flats.”

Not Your Fault

“I was wearing blue jeans and a baseball t-shirt.”

After looking at this project it should be known by everyone that “what was she wearing?” is never something that should be asked or wondered. Because in reality it’s never a question of what a woman is wearing. For women, it’s not your fault.

It is a misogynist point of view that wonders what could be used to blame the woman. It is looking for answers in the wrong places.



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