New Trend: The LOB!

selena gomez lob

The Lob is a hairstyle we are not strangers to. The classic shoulder length cut has made a comeback in 2015 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2016. The name comes from the Bob haircut which is shorter, so Lob is a Long-Bob. 

january jones lob

The best thing about the Lob is the endless possibilities you can wear your hair. It looks amazing curly, messy, straight and pretty much any way you choose to style it. Because there is no straight cut line, the Lob looks best messy or with large curls but straight ones seems to work better than most other haircuts.

taylor swift lob

In the last couple of years celebs have styled their Lob the best way to suit their style and these Lob styles give us all an idea on how to style a Lob.

Beyonce Lob

Beyonce rocks a lob with curls and roots showing. There is absolutely no hair type that the Lob doesn’t work for.

emma roberts lob

Emma Roberts wears her Lob straight and it looks amazing!

jennifer lawrence lob

Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift are newly Lob and they both rock a messy and wavy Lob. Using a curler or straighter with some spray or sea-salt to add volume is the easy recipe for Lob.

christina hendriks lob

Christina Hendricks looks absolutely stunning in a slightly shorter Lob. And we have to give it up for gingers who look amazing in the Lob including Hendricks and Emma Stone. 

emma stone lob

So whether you are a Blonde, Brunette, Ginger, curly, wavy, straight, coarse or thin haired, there is a style some celebrity with your hair type has tried before and has seen it to look perfect.

scarlet johanson lob

If you are long-haired you will absolutely find the lob to be amazingly comfortable to wear and style; if you are short-haired you have to wait for it to grow to turn your Bob into the Lob.



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