New Barbie Generation is Announced

Barbie is ploughing on development of her idea about the woman bodies. Actually in 2005 they have noticed that they need a change in their dolls style and then they have added new concepts like different ethics people in their collection. Finally this year 2016 they have been slightly different alteration as new barbie styles. And so it shall be curly, large hip, fat, short.

new barbie

As a result of that Barbie unchained finally. They have so many different skin tones andbody sizes. “The millennial mom is a small part of our consumer base, but we recognize she’s the future.” states Evelyn Mazzocco.

New Barbie Evolution

The explanation is given official Barbie Instagram account for new barbie standards “We proudly add three new body types to our line. Meet the new dolls. ‪#TheDollEvolves” and also one of the remarkable comment came from Patricia Heaton “I don’t have any girls but if I did I’d get them some of these ‪@Barbie dolls! I might do it anyway! ‪#TheDollEvolves ‪”

New Barbie dolls

Some famous people have putted an interpretation on this development in Barbie production like Karen Perez, Queen Latifah, Amanda de Cadanet, Jeanni Mal, Nicolette Mason. “By introducing more variety into the line, Barbie is offering girls choices that are better reflective of the world they see today” Mattel wrote for Barbie types.

New Barbie dolls

And also another explanation is here “We’re excited to share that the ‪@AVAETC ‪#Barbie doll has sold out! Thank you all for your excitement and making this collab such a success! and We’re celebrating The Evolution of ‪#Barbie w/ an evening of storytelling and conversation. Follow ‪#TheDollEvolves. ”

New Barbie development

This should be an example for toy maker and toy seller because they become stereotyped anymore. Especially women bodies are cliché and due to that girls’ brain are mixed up in an adult affair. I hope so barbie will continue their development.



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