Mother’s Market in India

Mother’s market is created by women. Can you imagine that there is a place in the world and the only thing is prohibited at market. It is just men!  Mother’s market exists in India with some logical reasons. And here is the a few words from hindostani woman thanks to Oxlaey for this amazing interview.

Mother’s market 1 in India

Here is the they mottos:


Some men touched a woman while unloading fish. That’s what we heard and there was lots of trouble. That’s why men are not allowed.


Men aren’t allowed in Mother’s market. How should we sit here together? I’m a woman. If a man sits too close, you know what might happen. No, it’s not morally acceptable.

Mother’s market 1 in India

Mother’s market 1 in India

Outside of Manipur you’ll only find men shopkeepers. Only here is there a market just for women. This is for women. Any woman can sell here. Just no men.


Its called the Mothers’ Market because of us. If men can sell here too, how will it be Mothers’ Market? So we can’t let men work here. My grandmother and mother-in-law, they made the market what it is today. If men come, the character will be lost. So we have to preserve the market’s character. By mixing, we’ll lose what makes the market unique.

Mother’s market  1 in India

Mother’s market  1 in India

Only coconuts and fruit can be sold in this area. Nothing else is allowed. This is the way it’s always been done. We’re just carrying on the tradition.


Previously, my aunt sold pottery here. This entire section is reserved for pottery sellers. But there’s too many – sales are down. So we turned this into a food stall. It’s not allowed, but we have to live. So we broke the rules.


If they take it again today, I’ll just get another one tomorrow. If I only sell pots – how will I feed my family? Pottery is very seasonal. Kids go to school all year round. I do what’s needed to feed the family.

Mother’s market  1 in India

We let her come and sell there because we feel for her as humans. She has to earn a livelihood. but she doesn’t have a permit. So its not really allowed according to the rules.




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