Model With The Longest Legs in America

What made this woman a famous model is not her signature look, or extrodinarily symmetrical face, not even an amazing walk on the runway… Model Lauren Williams has the longest legs in America, and even the 26 year-old model can not believe how famous she is!

lauren williams longes legs 3

The young model from Texas with endless legs says most members of her family are also quite tall. She said most her family members are above 6-foot tall. So its definitely genetics she ought to thank for her fame. However it’s not all fame and glamour for the model since she has admitted that she finds it very tricky to find clothes that fit her.
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Lauren Williams is also quite happy with the modelling she does. Being very active in sports, having played volleyball in college, she finds her work on sportswear modelling very fulfilling. Williams said having a background in sports makes it very helpful modelling in sportswear.

lauren williams longes legs

She took the title “longest legs in America” from New York based model Brooke Banker by having legs that were only two inches longer.

lauren williams longes legs 1

For Williams having such long legs were never something she though she could be famous for. She says for as long as she knew, she has had people commenting on how tall she was or how long her legs were but for her it was never that important. Although currently she is enjoying her title and the fame it brought very much and she says people who were commenting on her legs are also quite happy for her.

lauren williams longes legs 2

Other that being a very successful model with the longest legs in America, Williams also has a great sense of humour. In her Instagram posts she uses captions like “theclassicgiraffe”, “thelifeofmylegs”, “swanlike” and “donttrip”. She definitely knows how to keep the flame alive with her fans and she ought to because there is another woman who claims to have the longest legs…

lauren williams longes legs 4



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