Miesha Tate Nude! She is Fully Naked in Public!

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Current UFC champion Miesha Tate Nude during the UFC 200 weigh-in. She was slightly  heavier than the maximum allowed amount and she took off her underwear and got fully naked in front of the whole press of UFC.

miesha tate nude

Why Miesha Tate Nude?

Miesha Tate is holding the UFC bantamweight champion title after beating the undefeated Holly Holm in March 2016. As every fight fan knows Holm beat Ronda Rousey and was holding the title. In her first challenge, sexy fighter Miesha Tate choked Holm and got the title. In 9th of July, beautiful Tate is defensing her title against Amanda Nunes in UFC 200 match. But at the moment of weigh-in cupcake has a very big trouble and she risked the match by being over the allowed weight. As you can see in the video she got so worried and nervous. Beautiful Miesha Tate nude and waited to be in the competition with a very big excitement.

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This is the first time a world champion title holder is getting fully naked during a weigh in. After the press weigh in moment, many main stream news channels like CNN and BBC pressed their bulletins “Miesha Tate Nude” as a breaking news.

miesha tate naked

Miesha Cupcake Tate is shy about Getting Naked

After the shocking weigh in incidence, Miesha said that she was shy but having the allowance for fight was more important than being nude in public. She also added that  I know every website in the world will has lots of reviews and posts about Miesha Tate is Nude but I am a professional and i did what was totally right there. She also confirms that she was really excited and nervous about risking the UFC match. You can read her thrill in the following video.

miesha tate fully nude

Watch those moments.

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Miesha Tate sexy nude

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