Mary Roach has wonderful speech about the orgasm

The most interesting talk in TED is 10 things you didn’t know about the orgasm. Mary Roach is a freelance writer and humorist and science journalist. Before talking about her speech on Ted, I would like to talk about Mary Roach. She wrote a book whose name is “ Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex”.

Mary Roach TED talks

Her speech is one of the most popular video in TED talks. Actually Mary Roach is a successful woman in writer, giving speech and o lot of topics. In video she talked about a woman that had an orgasm every time she brushed her teeth and she was afraid of this situation and she went a doctor. He checked to see if it was something in the toothpaste, but no. They simulated her gums with a toothpick.

Mary Roach ' s book Bonk

In video below the page, there are so many funny, interesting knowledge. One of them is that she said in the video, when I was working on the book,  I interviewed a woman who can think herself to orgasm. She was part of a study at Rutgers University. You’ve got to love that. Rutgers. So I interviewed her in Oakland, in a sushi restaurant. And I said, “So, could you do it right here?” And she said, “Yeah, but you know I’d rather finish my meal if you don’t mind.”

Mary Roach is in the interview

“Sadly, no, I don’t know what the next book will be. Nothing in there has led… you know, I’m kind of at the end of the line with that book. In terms of taboo bodily subjects I’ve gone as far as I think I can go.” Mary Roach explained in an interview.

Mary Roach is talking about her book.

Mary Roach told that “All righty. There is considerable evidence for upsuck in the animal kingdom — pigs, for instance. In Denmark, the Danish National Committee for Pig Production found out that if you sexually stimulate a sow while you artificially inseminate her, you will see a six-percent increase in the farrowing rate, which is the number of piglets produced. So they came up with this five-point stimulation plan for the sows. There is posters they put in the barn, and they have a DVD. And I got a copy of this DVD.”

Mary Roach ' s book

Mary Roach is a talented woman on giving speech, because when you are listening her , you are in her deeply. I do not know maybe the topics which is related to sex are so interesting. Whatever, watch the video.

The list about the orgasm in the video

1.) A fetus can masturbate in utero.

2.) You don’t need genitals.

3.) You can have them when you’re dead.

4.) They can cause bad breath.

5.) They can cure hiccups.

6.) Doctors once prescribed them for fertility.

7.) Pig farmers still do.

8.) Animals orgasm more than we think they do.

9.) There was an instrument developed in lab studies — a camera attached to a phallus — to study what happens inside a woman’s vagina when she climaxes.

10.) Kinsey conducted, for lack of a better term, jerk-off in which he lined men up next to each other and had them ejaculate in order to study how far semen can shoot.



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