Makeup Artist Transforms Women With Magic Brush

Makeup Artist Transforms Women With Magic Brush

Makeup artist Goar Avetisyan uses her magic brush to transform regular women into incredibly perfect looking superstars. She is only 22 years-old and she has 2.3 million Instagram followers.

She is not only a makeup artist who transforms women with her magic brush, she also does her own makeup. Her passion for makeup is seen from the works she has done. There is not one work that stands out but they all show how much she loves her work.

Avetisyan works with a variety of different skin tones and styles. All her works match the style and the look of the woman she’s working with.

It’s sure to say that Avetisyan is a woman passionate about her work transforming women with her magic brush and her Instagram is a proof of how.

She loves what she does for work because it gives her a way to make women feel good in their own skin and make them happy. She first started her work as a makeup artist so she could make herself feel happy and now she is sharing her talent with the rest of the world.

Good morning😂😂😂Доброе утро 😂👻❤️

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Although Avetisyan doesn’t have celebrity clients yet, women are lining up for an appointment with her. It should be very soon that she gets some celebrity clients.

Looking at her work so far it seems impossible that Avetisyan does a makeup less than perfection. Although they all look very different they are all gorgeous!

Вы бы видели эти глаза))))) глаза , когда после преображения спустя 2,5 часа она посмотрела на себя в зеркало ))) Илона никогда в жизни не красилась вообще и была шокирована 😊она была в восторге 😱❤️😍 я не могу передать словами это чувство , когда делаешь кого-то счастливее и уверенней в себе ❤️ помогаешь полюбить себя ❤️всем добра ❤️ ➖➖➖ You should've seen these eyes!! When after 2,5 hours of a makeover she looked at herself! Ilona never ever in her life used makeup and was in shock😊she was literally amazed😱❤️😍 I can't even explain this feeling when you do a makeover for somebody and you make this person happy and more self confident❤️you help the person love themselves more❤️

A photo posted by Гоар Аветисян (@goar_avetisyan) on

Even though it’s not what you wear on your skin that matters, a good makeup can help all us women get through a rough time. The women Avetisyan works with are usually suffering from a skin condition that makes it hard for them go through their lives without a little bit of extra boost.




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