Life Before Having Children… And After

As amazing as kids are, sometimes we can’t help but to remember the days where we could go to the bathroom without seeing little fingers underneath the door. That’s just one of the liberties that we took for granted when there were no kids around. But, there are plenty more….

Going to the bathroom was relaxing


…not anymore357

You were able to sleep358

Going out for dinner359

…is little bit different now360

You don’t have to go gym anymore361

…now you can exercise at home362

Texts with your friends363

…are now like this364

Purse looked like this365

…and now366

This was naughty before…367

…and this is naughty now368

Road trips were relaxing369

…yup, now they are like a nightmare370

Saturday evenings were crazy368

…now they are crazy in another way371

What I watched on TV372

…what I have to watch now373

Sexlife before374

…and after375It’s Madness to be a parent, but would you have it any other way? Share with friends!



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