LGBTQ Characters in the Movies with Early Dead

LGBTQ characters in the movies starts to seem frequently anymore however they seem suddenly and they killed immediately. Because of that, the LGBTQ community decided to write a letter to director. Here is the details.

LGBTQ characters in the movies

  1. We will ensure that any significant or recurring LGBTQ characters in the movies we introduce, to a new or pre-existing series, will have significant storylines with meaningful arcs.
  2. When creating arcs for these significant or recurring characters we will consult sources within the LGBTQ community, like queer writers or producers on staff, or members of queer advocacy groups like GLAAD, the Trevor Project, it Gets Better, Egale, The 519, etc.
  3. We recognize that the LGBTQ community is underrepresented on television and, as such, that the deaths of queer characters has deep psychosocial ramifications.
  4. We refuse to kill off queer character solely to further the plot of a straight one.
  5. We acknowledge that the Bury Your Gays trope is harmful to the greater LGBTQ community, especially to queer youth. As such, we will avoid making story choices that perpetuate that toxic trope.
  6. We promise never to bait or mislead fans via social media or any other outlet.
  7. We know that there is a long road ahead of us to ensure that the queer community is properly and fairly represented on tv. We pledge to begin that journey today.

LGBTQ characters in the movies 1

MODERN FAMILY - ABC's "Modern Family" stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell and Eric Stonestreet as Cameron. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)

LGBTQ characters in the movies 2

LGBTQ characters in the movies 4

The one of the comment of this situation that LGBT! Characters in the movies comes a LGBTQ person “I don’t know what my experience would’ve been like if I was a teenager now and watching queer female characters get shot or stabbed or drowned one after the other after the other, I don’t know how that kind of representation wouldn’t burrow into your subconscious and send a message of pain and futility. Which I guess is why the pledge is getting the response it’s getting online. It contains a message of hope that lots of people, especially young people, need to hear.”

LGBTQ characters in the movies 5

LGBTQ characters in the movies 6

LGBTQ characters in the movies 7



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