La Guardia Interviewed With His 14-Months Baby

La Guardia Cross is a musician from Miami.He has multiple skills in graphic designing, songwriting, rapping/beat-boxing, film editing, and producing and so forth.He has a Youtuber also.

la guardia

After his daughter was born,his post subjects on Youtube also changed.He reveals his thoughts about fatherhood with these words:”Fatherhood is such a humbling beautiful thing…There is nobody in this world who is going to be more dependent on you and watching you as hard as a baby. I’ve never had to serve that much in my life. Ever…It will make you completely self-less and break you down to the point where your thoughts shift from being completely all about you.”

laguardiacross. interviewjpgLa Guardia Cross made his first video about being a new dad while Amalah was just 2 days old.

“Two days after Amalah was born, I posted a silly commentary about being a new dad. It was fun to tell these stories and the reception motivated me to continue,” Cross told . “I changed the entire direction of my videos…telling the stories of new fatherhood.”

“I still have so much to learn, and she’s the best teacher,” La Guardia adds.


His  YouTube channel, New Father Chronicles has gained popularity in recent days.Because he posted the interview which he made with his 14-month-old daughter,Amalah.

In the video,Cross asks different questions to Amalah.In this time,Amalah eats her pizza in a very cool mood.It is highly possible to be one of the most hilarious interviews you have ever watched.

laguardia and his daughter

”Why do you still refuse to sleep through the night?” he asks.

“Why would I abandon my greatest weapon? Why would I let you rise above me? This weapon controls you and Mommy,” Amalah replies.When Cross asks why she doesnt contribute to the family,her reactions are pretty cute.

“She’s a great mimicker, and she really tries to say what we say,” Cross said of his daughter’s speech in the video. “For the interview, I just paid attention to what she said and tried to translate as close to what it sounded like as possible.”

You can watch the funny video here:



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