L Condoms Launched A Crucial Campaign

L Condoms as a condom brand has launched a campaign relating to the sex education and training.

L condoms

What L Condoms made unique is for its every sale, they give condoms to a female entrepreneur from an area of need in Swaziland or Uganda.Also, train every one of them as a health care worker.It is an excellent campaign.

The story came out by Talia Frenkel,the founder of L Condoms.


Talia Frenkel was a Red-Cross photographer until she founded L Condoms brand.She decided to found it when she saw the women in developing countires had no access to sex education and reproductive rights.

She tells the foundation story of her L Condoms brand:”As a Red Cross photographer, I was shooting so many different kinds of disasters, but what struck me was when I was assigned to photograph HIV and AIDS. Unlike other disasters, both are completely preventable diseases. Ultimately, condoms are the most effective technology in HIV/AIDS prevention, as well as a simple form of birth control that provides greater quality of life.”

L.Condoms.”I knew that what needed to change was access to condoms with a sustainable distribution plan. More access to condoms means more family planning, more protection from sexually transmitted diseases, more students staying in school, and more opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. When I came back to the States, I saw a lack of innovation on the market, and I knew the technology existed to make a better product, so I made it. Now, L. Condoms works with partners on the ground to take a holistic approach to promoting correct condom usage.”

As a condom company they claim ”We sell products that set a new bar in quality in order to raise funds for the movement to make safe sex a human right.”

They also made some videos.The first one went viral when it was published.Its name was ”A Call To Good Men.”

L. Condoms company is different from other condoms in that it glycerin- and paraben-free.They are also upcycled, and we have recyclable packaging for our boxes.It’s PETA certified and vegan.These statement s belong to Frenkel.

Apparently,there are lots of reason to prefer L. Condoms .But their humanistic intention is definitely the most outstanding one .



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