Kenneth Shinozuka’s Invention For His Alzheimer Grandpa

Kenneth Shinozuka invented a smart device for his grandfather with Alzheimer illness.They lived together and also were very close.But his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer.His situation was a little bad.He was awake at nights and even one night stepped in highway.Luckily,a police found and brought him to back home.

‘We were woken up by a police officer knocking on the door.It was very real and very scary.”Kenneth says.


His grandfather is not unique.There are lots of Alzheimer’s sufferers wandering at nights.When Kenneth decided to find some devices to control his grandfather,he found nothing.Then,he decided to invent his own smart device.He was just 15 years but still achieved his goal.Surprisingly,his invention is wearable one.

kenneth shinozuka

The device created by Kenneth Shinozuka immediately detects the moment his grandfather steps out of his bed. In the second phase,it sends an audible alert to Shinozuka’s smartphone.  The sensor is worn on the bottom of his grandfather’s sock.It is highly practical and comfortable for elder-using,not complicated at all..It is amazing how simply it works.

kenneth shinozuka.jpg invention

He won a Science in Action award from Scientific American thanks to his invention.Not only their life but also that of many families with the members of Alzheimer became easier.There are over 5 million Alzheimer ills in America.What is more,nearly %60 of them is wandering at nights which is highly dangerous.

”About two years ago, my grandfather started wandering out of bed, which caused a lot of accidents,” Kenneth says. “My aunt had to stay awake all night to keep an eye on him and, even then, often failed to catch him leaving the bed.”


Kenneth Shinozuka’s family is proud of him of course.”He wants to help people,” Maria Feng, his mother, told . “He wants to solve problems for people.”

”My aunt has been testing the device on my grandfather for eight months. So far, it’s had a 100% success rate,” Shinozuka says. “It’s definitely helped her. She’s felt less fatigued during the day, because she’s not having to wake up every 30 minutes at night to check on my grandfather.”

Here is the video explaining his invention in a more detailed way.



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