Jennifer Lawrence kissed Natalie Dormer and She Liked It!

Jennifer Lawrence accidentaly locked lips with her Hunger Games co-star Natalie Dormer at the premier for Mockingjay- Part 2 in London. Natalie Dormer as you may also know her from Game of Thrones was the gorgeous Queen Margaery and she is also Cressida in Hunger Games. It has been some time since J.Law had an awkward moment on camera, so we’re guessing this will make up for that time. Don’t get your hopes up about that kiss though, although the two would make a power couple this was a complete accident!

Leaning in for a kiss on the cheek and getting a full on mouth to mouth is always awkward, even when you share it with your mum. Imagine being that dorky on the red carpet and being filmed!

At the premier while Dormer was giving an interview, Lawrence leaned in to say hello and for a friendly kiss on the cheeks. Dormer did a spin and the two ended up kissing on the lips! Awkward! 

Jennifer Lawrence kiss

After Jennifer Lawrence kissed Natalie Dormer, J.Law- hilarious as always- said she liked it! Best reaction ever!

Jennifer Lawrence kiss

Both of them were surprised at first and J.Law couldn’t believe what she had done. Quickly she apologised and cracked a joke.  “We just kissed on camera,” Lawrence said laughing. “And, I liked it.”

Jennifer Lawrence kiss

Jennifer Lawrence kiss

Katy Perry much? I kissed a girl and I liked it!

Dormer had her share of humour too. When she was completing the interview she said “I’ll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face”. While wiping Jennifer Lawrence’s lipstick from the corner of her bottom lip! It’s always nice to see famous actresses lighten up a bit. We always knew J.Law was a joker but to see Dormer on board makes us like her even more!

So there you have it Jennifer Lawrence kissed Natalie Dormer. But don’t get your hopes up, this was a only a one time thing.




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