Isis militants and their female slaves

Isis,namely Iraq Sham Islamic State is mostly known for their cruel and tyrannic activities.They also have many female slaves.Isis militants enslave the women of the cities they have captured.Then,they present these women as a gift or an incentive to their male fellows.

ısis slave women

isis and women
isis slave women

One of the victims of the Isis,Nadia Murad,21, told about her slavery and the routine horrors which she exposed to.

Nadia-Murad-isis slave

She said:”When Daesh entered my village, they killed children, the old and young men.The next day, they killed the old women and led the young girls, including me, to Mosul.In Mosul, I saw thousands of Yazidi women where they were distributed to their slave masters.There I saw a huge Daeshi, who wanted to take me.I implored to another man to take me instead when I saw he was smaller.

nadia murad işid slave

”But he turned out later to be one of the worst people I’ve ever seen.The Daesh used to force me and other captives to pray and then rape us.We were not worth the value of animals. They raped girls in groups. They did what a mind could not imagine. In their so-called Sharia [Islamic law] courts, they had our names and phone numbers of our slave masters.They would call us whenever they wanted to spend time with us and sell us.”

Fortunately,Nadia Murad was able to escape from the hands of Isis militants.And she passes her terrible experiences in the conferences to inform about what Isis did to female slaves.

She added: “I am the victim of terrorism disguised under the cloak of Islam. All these crimes are committed in the name of Islam.I’ve come to the Muslim world to complain and demand an Arab and Islamic stance against Daesh.”

isis female slaves

Nadia Nurad spoke about her sufferings also in the United States.All she wanted is to unite the world against a common stance and struggle against the Isis brutality.Certainly,all governments should take their responsibility as soon as possible for the people who look for their salvation from the Isis.

isis militants and their female slaves



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