If Bob Ross Used Photoshop

bob ross used photoshop

The calm voice, the positive attitude and the huge hair, Chad Cameron makes a perfectly on point impression of the legend to show us what it would look like if Bob Ross used Photoshop.

Bob Ross is a huge deal with our generation, being a master with the brush and making painting seem so easy. He is the happiest person we have probably seen and thinks there is no mistakes, just happy accidents.

New ad campaign of Adobe Photoshop Sketch for iPad brings this amazing person back to life with a tutorial on how to paint on an iPad with an Apple Pencil using Photoshop. Apart from the hugely different methods and tools, the character of Bob Ross fits perfectly into the scenario and shows us what it would be like if Bob Ross used photoshop.

The children’s book illustrator Chad Cameron makes a perfect impression with his body language, tone and usage of iconic phrases such as “happy little clouds” to refer to Apple cloud.

The company said that the “Joy of Sketching” ad campaign was in no way a parody of Bob Ross’s “Joy of Painting” but it was a homage and a way to remember him as a talented person who was loved by so many people.

Everything from the opening sequence to the outfit and the set was made to refer to the original “Joy of Painting” show. And the illustrator Chad Cameron went extensive hair and makeup to achieve the Bob Ross look.

In the end everything fit in perfectly and it really did not matter anymore that Bob Ross used Photoshop and there was an iPad in front of him, it was nostalgic and clever. The references were perfectly on point and it is definitely an ad series we would not mind watching-several times.

Just in case you missed him, here’s the real Bob Ross working his magic;




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