How Men Really Feel About Sex

Cliches are irritating. Some of them obviously need to be dispelled. We could hardly ever stop people from believing in some certain myths and the reason why people are so unwilling to give up on cliches is that cliches state without giving an explanation.

They are easy to understand and simple to believe in, despite the fact that some myths are really misleading. If you consider yourself to be an open-minded person and brave enough to change your opinion, we welcome you to talk on a very subtle topic – how men really feel about sex. You are free to disagree, but before you make your final mind up, take some time to ponder upon what men tell us about themselves. What do we, ladies, know about our men? Are there any secrets we should know about?

1. Men are not Obsessed with Sex 24/7


This is myth number one. And it cannot be any further from the truth. Sometimes it is the lady who provokes the man to behave in this manner either trying to support or dispel the myth. What happens if she hears “yes” as an answer? Then her reaction is kind of “I knew so, all men are sex addicts”. And what happens if she hears “no” as an answer? Then she will start questioning if he is alright or if she is alright. The thing is that both are alright. It’s just that the man might not be up for sex at the time. This is natural for ladies, then why is it considered to be unnatural for a man?

2. Does Sex Equal to Validation?


Men are frequently self-tormented. There are too many things men are trying to achieve and even excel in. It is in their genes to compete and prove that they are better than others. Being strong is exhausting. Men are no gods and failures in their lives are inevitable. Keeping disappointment inside without showing the weaker side of the character is self-destructive. Bursting into tears is not an option, is it? What is an option then? Well, probably an understanding woman who can comfort him. And there is no better relief than those special intimate moments that a man can spend with such a woman.



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