How Do Disney Princesses Look in 2015?

Disney Princesses are timeless characters, but they are also representations of perfection in women that can never be achieved. These fictional characters never gain weight or have their makeup or hair in any way less than perfection and they never age.

Brazilian artist Isaque Areas thought ‘what if they did?’. Being a Disney fan himself he thought of these fictional characters as actresses in their own movies. So he imagined how they would look today. The movies have been out for years and if they were actresses playing in these movies, they would have gotten old. But can you guess how old?

Disney Princess 2015 Mulan

His illustrations make us connect to these characters even more because they become so much more relatable. Areas’s goal in doing this project was to make women of all ages feel like loyalty. Women who saw the movies as children can now think they or someone they know look like these Disney Princesses. Which is always a great thing rather than idealizing perfection that is far beyond reach.

Disney Princesses 2015 Pocahontas

They also made us realize how young these characters were in the movies! Mulan was only 16 when she went into battle and Snow White only 14 when her stepmother was trying to kill her!

Disney Princesses 2015 Pocahontas Jasmine

We also see how long it has been since the movies came out. That 14-year-old Snow White in 1937 when the movie was released; would be 92 today. These characters really are timeless…

Disney Princesses 2015 Belle

The artist also captures Disney Princesses in their own style, or rather how they would dress appropriate to their older age. Our favorite is the fierce mom look that Mulan has going!

Disney Princesses 2015 Ariel

We can also imagine the lives of these Disney Princesses from these illustrations. How crazy is to imagine Ariel as Bree, Jasmine as Gabrielle, Mulan as Lynette and Belle as Susan to form a Desperate Housewives! It works right?

Disney Princesses 2015 Sleeping Beauty



Disney Princesses 2015 Cinderella

Disney Princesses 2015 Snow White




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