History of Game Boy

Game Boy was an unapproachable toy for kids who were born in the 1990s and in those years. Of course, when we are analysing technological devices that we have in 2016, game boys sound like ludicrously. However, these devices are an inspiration to the main source of portable devices. And now we have so many portable devices like tablets, smartphones. First of all, I want you to take back to the history of its with the time machine.

History of Game Boy

As everybody knows that, Nintendo produced it in Japan, 1989 and also it launched the Game Boy Classic as a first product.

Game Boy Classic

First Game Boy (1989)

The first Game Boy was the 2.6 inch and screen was 160-240.  The weight of this was 400 gramme almost and as you all know the Tetris shook the world.

Game Boy Pocket

Game Boy Pocket 1996

After seven years later, new game boy pocket released for gamers in the shelves. The differences between classic and pocket were its less weight and dimensions.

Game Boy Colour

Game Boy Color (1998)

Two years after pocket, Game Boy colour was released to the market. This speciality was embellishing colour.  By means of this, it has become more attractive for children. Because children are more inclined if toys are more colourful. By the way, there exist 56 available colours on the screen.

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance (2001)

Three years later, Nintendo added a colourful screen in same dimensions and because of that, it has increased rapidly. The result of that is gaining a lot of money in 2001 with Advance. In fact, you played these games so fondly. These games were Super Mario World or Sapphire and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The origin of these games has come from advance one. The system of these devices was also changed like that 32-bit system with a 2.9-inch, 240 x 160 screen and shoulder buttons.

Game Boy Advance SP

Game Boy Advance SP (2003)

Of course, Nintendo hasn’t stopped and it continued to develop itself. The result of this struggle, it produced Advance SP two years later. The differentiation was a new one rechargeable battery and also it had a greater number of games than the previous one.

After all of the improvements, Game Boy Micro and advance SP were produced by Nintendo in 2006. However, some things went wrong, the competition has started, unfortunately. After this year, new companies have come in sight.  Even though Nintendo was the first producer of this game toy, Nintendo was favoured in the market.

Game Boy Micro

Game Boy Micro (2005)

Game Boy Advance SP

Game Boy Advance SP (2006)

But yet Nintendo carried on with struggle. They produced DS Lite, DSI, DSI XL, 3DS and 3DS XL respectively.

Game Boy DS Lite and DSI

Game Boy DSI

Game Boy DS Lite(2006)

Game Boy DSI XL and  3DS and 3DS XL

Game Boy DLI XL

Game Boy 3DS

Game Boy 3DS XL


Game Variety in Game Boys

If we look at the past products and new products of Nintendo company, the difference is so clear I think so we all should say congratulations to Nintendo. Because this company came from Tetris Game Boy. Their productions have not been standardisation as you can see they produced new products almost every two years after 1989.

Game Boy 3DS Nintendo new product final product

Game Boy 3DS XL new product of Nintendo

Up to now, the Nintendo company manufactured over 650 games and a few of these games were the best seller games in the world. I want to mention a few games of Nintendo. For example, Tetris game shows that people can be a unity perfection around the only one game. Meanwhile, Nintendo didn’t explore the Tetris, everybody has wrong information about Tetris but it is created by Pajitnov just 3 years before the first game boy produced in 1985.

First Tetris Game for Game Boy

The another game which had a crush on people was Pokemon. Please look at the first Pokemon vision with black and white colour.  When we were children, we were fighting with friends to play these games Pokemon, Tetris.

Pokemon in Game Boy

It is still the best console because of sweet outer view, useful buttons, packing game types, big screens and magic cable. Magic cable provides gamers with playing each other. That times there is no internet connection and gamers couldn’t play each other in same game. But with this cable, they can play together and these improvements also contribute to increase Game Boy’s fame.

Game Boy with Magic Cable

One final word is coming their musical types are also amazing to feel to games. Nanoloop musicians are volunteer for Nintendo company. After achievements they have earned a lot money also because of their musics.

Game Boy with huge dimensions

Nobody knows whether a company like Nintendo comes or not but if you want to have such a Game boy in order to live nostalgia, you should go and buy that before they erase the market shelves. The only product of Nintendo was not game boy. They have produced great game consoles. The first consoles could be linked to televisions and they contain a lot of games. Before the tablets and smart phones, we all were dealing with so many cables and the portable devices seemed like a dream. This dream is a real now. The first portable game devices were produced by Nintendo.



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