Hilary Duff has new short cut hair!

Hilary Duff always was using the long hair as you know but nowadays she obey the short cut hair rule and her hair style has changed. Really why Hilary Duff has done like that, I wonder. Maybe later time an explanation will come out.

Hilary Duff had long hair

The point is that gains my attention. There are so many famous people who has new short cut hair. For example Emma Watson which is in our website, Kaley Cuoco, Keke Palmer. The difference between Hilary Duff and others is that non of them puts a photo while he or she is in hair dresser.

Hilary Duff has new hair style

Moreover, there are so nice comments under Hilary Duff ’s photos like that ‘ Your gorgeous face can handle any chop! You look great! ‘ I agree with Hilary’s fan because the changes on anything is always good. However, writing negative comments is very difficult thing when topic is a famous actress. Her comment in one of her photos is that ” Thanks for trusting me with your locks buddy…”

Hilary Duff is living with short hair.

As we understand from the comment below the pictures of Hilary Duff, she also like her hair style.  “ Soooooo it is pretty short. Thank you @cynthiavanis chopping. ”  She is a beautiful woman, whether log hair or short is not important. Look at these photos, beside of her beauty, her naturality is so amazing and striking.

Hilary Duff with her friend

Hilary Duff was too stable with her long hair. There may be a situation about her life and she may want to change her hair style. We don’t know whether there is something else or not. While we are thinking like that she explained that “ I think it was a great thing for my life to have a little change and I did fall in love with Brooklyn,I think it rubbed off on me because I have blue hair now!”



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