Hey! Look at This Old Guy who is 85 years old!

XiaoYeJieXi (@小野杰西) is a grandchild and he is a creative young boy. He took grandfather’s photos fertilely. Think an Old Guy who is a farmer and he has never interested in technology and fashion. However Old Guy is convinced to wear these clothes by his grandchild.

fashion and handsome old guy

In the beginning of this project, XiaoYeJieXi is worried about whether this idea shows promise or not. Because Old Guy, his grandfather has worn farmer clothes and that fashion clothes are askew on his soul. XiaoYeJieXi was sure that his grandfather Old Guy doesn’t never reject him.

old guy with umbrella

Then XiaoYeJieXi has decided to do this project. His aim was to show that fashion may change human’s outer view and actually in this world it changes everything. After this project he is a fashion icon now and fashion companies are looking forward him or same with him.

old guy with his grandson

Look at these photos, Old Guy is wearing on a headset and he is wearing a bow-tie and is using backpacking. This kind of ideas make people to feel mentally alert, I think. By reason of that, people get used to see young people who are wearing like that. And breaking out of the routine may help people to think the other things.

old guy with coffee

XiaoYeJieXi’s brain is working very well because of this photograph idea and Old Guy is so cute and he looks like grumpy and I am sure that he loves his grandchild so much because her line is broken down with this idea. We don’t know how he felt under these conditions like wearing bow-tie and headset. And also we don’t know what will happen when fashion icons see him but all we know that this is a perfect and open-minded idea that old people can courage when they see him also and they will be happy.

The other photos of Old Guy:

old guy smoking

old guy listening music

old guy is driving a car

new fashion old guy

fashion old guy

feel the old guy as 85 years old



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