Golden Globes 2017: Hair, Dresses and Makeup Styles

Golden Globes have hosted so many shining celebrities in 2017 as in the past years and this was the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards. On the red carpet, there were incredible and amazing dresses, hair and makeup styles.

Natalie Portman with that role in Golden Globes

Emma Stone in the Golden Globes Awards

Emma Stone, the winner of the day, dazzled with beauty on the red carpet in Golden Globes 2017. And, she wins the Golden Globes for the best actress in a musical comedy “La la Land”.

Emma Stone will win with La la Land in Golden Globes

Emma Stone disappointed her fans with a dress that showed her aged and pale her living face. This transparent color of Emma’s dress is not actually suitable for her skin tone. She has amazing brown hair and she would put forward her beauty with a right color choose.  On the other hand, her new hair cut style makes her elegant than she was. But that does not mean she is not elegant already in Golden Globes awards. Of course, she ‘s perfect and awesome. She would be an example in terms of how important is that we have to choose appropriate clothing with skin color. I admit that I am really a bit cruel to her because of the being on the red carpet makes celebrities more vulnerable to such a bad criticism.

Golden Globes celebrities

Natalie Portman in the Golden Globes Awards

Natalie Portman in Golden Glodes with red dress

Natalie Portman has nominated to Golden Globes Awards in 2017 with “Jackie” movie. Unfortunately, she came up empty in Golden Globes.

Golden Globb some celebrities with Nicole Kidman

Her dress was absolutely one of the worst dress on the red carpet of Golden Globes awards in 2017. And, we are practically making inferences that she couldn’t completely get out of the role playing “Jackie”. Natalie’s style has practically become synonymous with Jackie Kennedy. She is like a yellow canary bird walking on the red carpet. I think Natalie Portman could give her modern look however the color selection and jewelry details were so wrong to be a stylish woman. I don’t know whether it was on purpose or accidental but I hope that she would never wear anything including canary yellow.

Noel Kidman in Globes 2017 with nice dress

Mandy Moore in the Golden Globes Awards

Mandy Moore in Golden Globes

Assizor nominated to Mandy Moore as a candidate best performance by an actress in a supporting role in “This Is Us”.

Also, Many Moore who has parted her hair in the middle doesn’t have a very bad appearance with the long black dress she wears in Globes 2017. In my opinion, the tulle hanging from the shoulders is very repulsive. Also, I wish she had been wearing a necklace. She would have seemed better on the red carpet in Golden Globe awards 2017.

Many Moore Golden Globes huge dress

Nicole Kidman in the Golden Globes Awards

Nicole Kidman nominated as a candidate for Golden Globes 2017 with “Lion” movie, however, she didn’t get any awards from Golden Globes.

Noel Kidman in Globes 2017 with nice dress

If we chose a gorgeous celebrity on the red carpet, it is not anybody but Nicole Kidman. As expected she was the most dress, the actress wore a dress sewed by Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2017 collection. On her dress, there is some metallic needlework on some part of her body. Also, she looks like a mermaid with her long gloves. She keeps away from having an exaggerate appearance. Thanks to her natural makeup and simple hair model. Moreover, there is still a lot to be said about Golden Globes 2017. But we tried to mention the most outstanding and attractive ones. According to us among these four famous woman Nicole Kidman, Mandy Moore, Emma Stone and Natalie Portman, the one who has the most successful style is Nicole Kidman. And she is our winner in Golden Globes 2017 although she couldn’t get any awards at that year.



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