Get to Know Winnie Harlow!

Winnie Harlow is one of the most inciting model in the world. She has vitiligo disease. I can hear you that you’ve remembered that diseases from somewhere and you didn’t remember, right? Let’s evoke you. This is the same disease as Michael Jackson’s disease. This disease leads to change patient’s skin color. The patients look having many bright color on their skins. When she was 4 year olds, doctors diagnosed officially. Her doctor said that her skin is losing its color pigment day by day and this deprivation will continue until you die. According to her explanations, her childhood had so many difficulties because of her skin. However, despite of her skin color, she has become one of the most well-known model in the US.

Winnie Harlow on the pool

Actually Tyra Banks who is American television programmer and singer, has discovered Winnie Harlow from Instagram. Before discovered she was working as a hairdresser with her mother. Thanks to her, Winnie is source of hope for so many women. Because she showed whole world that there is no standard beauty view. She gives inspiration about their bodies with ‘defects’.

Winnie Harlow with wings

Winnie has recommended that women should never listen anybody about their bodies. They should love themselves whatever they are. All of the media organs have so many pressures on women’s life with their scary judgments.

Winnie Harlow the sexiest model with her flats

Winnie’s skin has been become white as the day goes on but her soul was in dark without any sunshine. When she had reached the school age, her darkness was getting deeper and deeper unfortunately. The kids were so pitiless. She always had become an object of derision; she was denigrated by her friends. The best option for her was laughing at her face. Little Winnie Harlow was called as zebra or cows. Even if the mothers of these kids had acted like an evil. Their arguments were irrational and alienation actually. They said that their kids’ were mentally depressed because of Winnie. The mothers had submitted so many petitions in order to be got away little child Winnie.

Winnie Harlow worked as a famous brands like sports area

Adolescent Winnie was very aggressive and hard-hitting to people. She was act like the other unmerciful people. Her aim was to uncover people’s frauds like weight, hair models or acnes. Her words were derogatory, she was good at this topic also. But being this kind of human is getting her one back forward step and she was unhappy. Fortunately, when her adolescence was over, her psychology had been well enough. The philosophy of life should be change anymore due to end of the adolescence. She has decided to proceed on her way and she has started to love herself and her spots as a change by virtue of its symmetry. She has realized her inner and outer beauty separately. Because she has a very perfect body and she has started to took her photos and published on Instagram. Even she has so many selfie photos with cows and zebra.

Winnie Harlow with a sexy bikini

As I said before, Tyra Banks has encouraged Winnie Harlow to be a famous person. When Tyra realized her, she was working as presenter in the competition of the newest hot model in America. In that competition, one of the 14 finalists was Winnie. The world has met Winnie with this competition and everyone has loved her. She has proved that humans could be beautiful with these spots.

Winnie Harlow with zebra



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