Game Boy Classic Nostalgia

Game Boy classic was the best game console in 1989. It was produced by Nintendo in Japan. After released this product, so many different game boy came out in later years with very nice improvements.  After a few year later, game boy classic loses its fame unfortunately with the wonderful game boy developments. For example game boy advance broke fresh ground with shutter screen. After advance one, it is done.

Game Boy Classic 1

Game Boy classic contains only one screen and 5 buttons. These are open & close button, control panels. The first game boy can be played with only a few games. These are Super Mario Land, Alleyway, Baseball, Yakuman, Tetris and Tenis. I remembered these games and when I see the first game boy classic, I was captivated in shock.

Game Boy Classic 2

Nobody shouldn’t forget the success of game boy classic, it sold 3 million in 3 years. This number is brilliant. It has only two basic colours that are gold and silver.

Game Boy Classic 3

If you want to analyse game boy classic details, there are different accessories like game boy link cable, super game boy, game boy camera, game boy printer, game boy printer paper.

Game Boy Classic 4

Nintendo hangs itself and they produced new game boy with 3D screens. This is a great success after first product. Because the firm didn’t stop and they tried to improve themselves, they have cool consoles anymore. Of course after Nintendo, the new firms came out and it competes the others.

Game Boy Classic 5

It is a classic we all love and you are soon forget. It came to the game in world like a thunder but the game boy classic is now considered nostalgia. During it is brief life span it inspired gaming industry as a portable fun to play with and easy access and gaming console. If you want to feel nostalgia, you should buy it again!




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