Fetish Model Emily Snow Confronts Online Harrasser

emily snow

Emily Snow is a fetish model and she is known to have done some provocative sexual works. She uses the name Fetish Doll Emily and has a website and podcast called Nocturnal Addictions where she answers questions about people’s deepest and darkest sexual desires. She hopes to create a ground for people to openly express their fetishes and desires.

Recently a man that goes by the name of Agnello Dei took it upon himself to teach Snow a moral lesson on how to be a woman. He aggressively wrote on her Facebook page, insulting and cursing while he did so. Dei called her “nothing but a flesh”, “a slut with daddy issues and low IQ” and much more terrible things.

emily snow

Emily Snow tried to handle his ugly comments but he took an even more aggressive tone, threatening to torture another person defending Snow as that person’s daughter watched and screamed.

In addition to the comments Agnello Dei also wrote to Emily Snow continuously while sharing her naked photos with her family and sharing her address online. When Snow found that she could not take it anymore, she offered to meet him at a Starbucks.


Snow filmed their meeting and showed the aggressive behaviour of Dei. She tried to confront him on why he would call women slut online and harass them and Dei commented saying she called herself a slut when she covered her mouth with a tape which read “slut”. While Snow tried to explain the political ideology behind her photograph, she tried to give examples so that Dei could relate.

When Snow realised she could not get her idea across and Dei was becoming more and more aggressive, she threw a drink on his face and ran. When Dei came after her, attacking and calling her horrible names she used pepper spray to get away. At the end of the day Dei is pressing charges on Emily Snow…

emily snow



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